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The Power of Branding Helps you Make your Mark

Add value to your brand identity with design and detailing that highlights excellence.

Branding is one of the most valuable visual assets an enterprise or organisation can possess. From logo design to housestyle it encompasses a whole range of visual elements which capture the essence of the business.

Creating a positive identity is a unique and delicate undertaking. It has to take in the values of all the stakeholders, then marry them into a cohesive and consistent unit that matches up to the key dynamics of the market and individual viewer.

Style and structure for your brand identity.

A logo is the fingerprint of any enterprise. It should be unique to you and your organisation, professionally designed and tailored to your individual values. As the most recognisable signature across all an organisational activities, it's implementation shouldn't be a haphazard affair.

Certain rules and guidelines to how it will be seen need to be established from the outset. Size, colour and styling all need to be consistent. A brand identity manual that clearly defines and controls the visual impact across all marketing and media is a useful tool in applying quality standards.

Our corporate identity work embraces online and offline media. We can undertake the visual branding from creating a new logo through to online branding, marketing in print, digital publishing, business forms and stationery.

Studiografik has crafted identities for small start-ups requiring basic design to establishing in-depth style guidelines for multi-national business.

Is your brand identity looking a bit dated? Studiografik can help. Call us today on 0121 318 8481, email the studio or use our online enquiry form.

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