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Website Coding

The exact fit for your website across all platforms

Technical skills for a more responsive and interactive website experience.

Whatever the size of the project Studiografik have the technical skills on hand to code an innovative, affordable solution that meets your specific online business needs.

Speedy and affordable UK based development for collecting the essential data you need to make more of a dynamic website, WordPress and e-commerce based platform or custom web applications that seamlessly manages your content and user information.

Professional coding skills that gives your website the built-in functionality for responsive and reliable performance.

Why do your web standards matter?

Our coding development is based on a user centric practice applied to web standards. This is aimed at engaging the viewer from the very first click by asking "What does the user want from this interaction?" and then delivering a robust and engaging experience across all platforms.

Web Standards ensure that a website functions responsively and consistently across all browsers.

  • Quicker load times
  • Higher search engine rankings
  • Accessible to the disabled
  • Work on older browsers
  • Allows for easier content management
  • Relies on less code within the pages
  • Provide alt declarations for images

To create a fully working interactive site, UI (user interface) or front-end design is only half the proposition. To get more out of the data you collect a robust back-end that can reliably process the information is crucial. There are a number of sever-side methods that can achieve this quickly and efficiently, each with it's own scripts. Which one to choose depends largely on budgets and usage.

Whatever the size of you website, our team will implement a data-base driven solution tailored to you exact needs and make sure that the correct bits of information are right there at your finger tips.

Now is the time to take a fresh look at how you do business online. Call Studiografik direct on 0121 381 8184, email or post your project here.

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